Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008

Yesterday we spent our time talking about social justice. The question we were asked is "What is my/our role as bishops in a hurting and broken world?"

I was humbled by the conversations. Bishops in other parts of the world simply face more external hurt and more societal brokenness that we can imagine. I spoke to bishops whose people fear for their lives because of the government. One told me that his house is filled with students who have no place to live because they have no parents. Another said that the churches had been torn down so now they worship under trees.

What is common is a desire for the church to be the Good News that gives hope and promise to people. The purpose of this conference is less to legislate a new structure for the Communion and more to energize our collective effort to be the Church God needs us to be for our day and time.

I also reflected that in face of such pain it is easy to become paralyzed. "What can I do?" we ask. But we begin by seeing more clearly how things are and then by asking God to give us the first step. If we cannot help the people across the globe directly, what can we do right now?

Today we go to London to visit the Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace.

Keep all of us in your prayers as I keep you in mine.